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Zach Woods

Mike Murray

Sarah Baker

Mindy Murray

Parker Posey

Cindi Babineaux

Susan Yeagley

Laci Babineaux

Christopher Moynihan

Phil Mayhew

Tom Bennett

Owen Golly, Jnr.

Kerry Godliman

Sarah Golly

Jim Piddock

Owen Golly, Sr.

Chris O'Dowd

Tommy 'Zook' Zucarello

Michael Hitchcock

Langston Aubrey

Don Lake

Buddy Campbell

Jane Lynch

Gabby Monkhouse

Ed Begley Jr.

A.J. Blumquist

Fred Willard

Greg Gammons, Jr.

John Michael Higgins

Upton French

Maria Blasucci

Jessica Mundt

Bob Balaban

Sol Lumpkin

Jennifer Coolidge

Jolene Lumpkin

Christopher Guest

Corky St. Clair

Harry Shearer

Competition Announcer (voice)

Wayne Wilderson

Dr. Harper James

Matt Griesser

Andy Dibble

Karly Rothenberg

Mindy's Mother

Tim Baltz

South Dixie Air Ticket Agent

Carrie Aizley

Robyn Wexler

Kathreen Khavari

Las Palmas Inn Desk Clerk

Ithamar Enriquez

Chicharito's Bouncer

Jim Piddock


Christopher Guest


Christopher Guest


Short Details

Eager contestants don big heads and furry suits to vie for the title of World's Best Mascot.

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