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Gong Yoo

Kang In-ho

Jung Yu-mi

Seo Yoo-jin

Kim Hyun-soo

Kim Yeon-doo

Jeong In-seo

Jin Yoo-ri

Baek Seung-hwan

Jeon Min-soo

Jang Gwang

Principal / Principal's Brother

Kim Min-sang

Park Bo-hyeon

Lim Hyun-sung


Uhm Hyo-sup

Police Officer Jang

Jeon Kuk-hwan

Attorney Hwang

Choi Jin-ho


Kim Ji-young


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Hwang Dong-hyuk


Hwang Dong-hyuk


Short Details

Based on actual events that took place at Gwangju Inhwa School for the hearing-impaired, where young deaf students were the victims of repeated sexual assaults by faculty members over a period of five years in the early 2000s.

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