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A Bittersweet Life | bdfun

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A Bittersweet Life

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Lee Byung-hun


Shin Min-A


Kim Yeong-cheol

Mr. Kang

Hwang Jung-min

President Baek

Jin Goo


Kim Roe-ha


Oh Dal-su


Lee Ki-young


Kim Hae-gon

Gun Dealer

Eric Mun

Gun dealer's brother

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Ryu Seong-hee


Kim Jee-woon


Kim Jee-woon


Short Details

Kim Sun-woo is an enforcer and manager for a hotel owned by a cold, calculative crime boss, Kang who assigns Sun-Woo to a simple errand while he is away on a business trip; to shadow his young mistress, Heesoo, for fear that she may be cheating on him with another, younger man, w. . .

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