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Hayden Christensen

Clay Beresford

Jessica Alba

Sam Lockwood

Terrence Howard

Dr. Jack Harper

Lena Olin

Lilith Beresford

Charlie Hewson

Brian the Orderly

Christopher McDonald

Dr. Larry Lupin

Sam Robards

Clayton Beresford Sr.

Arliss Howard

Dr. Jonathan Neyer

Fisher Stevens

Dr. Puttnam

Georgina Chapman

Penny Carver

David Harbour


Court Young

Officer Doherty

Poorna Jagannathan

Dr. Neyer's Nurse

Steven Hinkle

Young Clay

Joshua Rollins

Funeral Minister

Lee Wong

Mr. Waturi

Kae Shimizu

Asian Translator

Brenda Schad

Pregnant Woman

Denis O'Hare

Financial News Analyst

Ross Klavan

Financial News Analyst

Joby Harold


Joby Harold


Fisher Stevens


Avy Kaufman


Russell Carpenter


Graeme Revell


Harvey Weinstein


Short Details

While undergoing heart surgery, a man experiences a phenomenon called ‘anesthetic awareness’, which leaves him awake but paralyzed throughout the operation. As various obstacles present themselves, his wife must make life-altering decisions while wrestling with her own person. . .

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